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Volunteers and Donors

The following is a partial list of volunteers and donors who have contributed their time and/or resources to the restoration of the Mill.  As with any list, I am sure to have forgotten someone.  Please let me know if I have and I will post the acknowledgment as soon as possible.

Rick Giese(a super volunteer in a class by himself....volunteered nearly every Saturday for almost four years before moving to San Francisco)....The 2010 super volunteer was Eric Danielson, volunteering every Friday (except tax season and 'new-child season')!  In 2011, our frequent volunteer has been Tom Roemer!  In 2013 it was John Bertelson.  Thanks to all of you!!!!

Webb Winn               Tim Huppler            Ann Huettl-Samson            Tony Baldwin                Ashley Balinski

Chris Grassel            Ben Fucik              Bud Peterson                     Emme Fucik                 Theresa Balinski

Dan Lacy                  Dave Garrow           Lyna Matesi                       Eric Danielson              Jim Stokosa

Randy Sahli              Chet Krause           Gerry Finch                        Rick Giese                   Diane Nelson

Brian Watters            Megan Gillis           Tom Roemer                      John Bertelson              Susie Melum

Ben Hoffman              Bob Beebe             Lee Halvorson                    Katelyn Hoffman           Karen Blaha

Jacqueline Hoffman    Jeremy Samson