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How about the Gelato?

Trained by Italian Gelato Master, Luciano Ferrari, the Millstone employees make gelato, or Italian style ice cream, in-house with fresh ingredients.   Some of the unique flavors we've made over the years include: basil, wasabi, green tea, sweet corn, peanut butter and jelly, licorice, and garlic.  We also make more popular flavors like dark chocolate, turtle, peanut butter, raspberry and strawberry.  Our best estimate is that we make over 300 different flavors!

What's on the menu?

The Millstone menu features soup, salad, and sandwich, including the very popular White Chicken Chili, Door County Berry Salad, and Moroccan Chicken Panini.  We offer several vegetarian options, and our menu items include vegetables from our onsite organic garden. On Friday and Saturday nights only, we serve pizza made in house.  Our baristas prepare a variety of specialty espresso drinks and teas.  The Millstone also features locally brewed specialty beers produced by Central Waters Brewery, O'so Brewery, Point Brewery and other Wisconsin breweries.



Always made fresh with in house ingredients



Over 300 unique flavors of the best gelato inspired by a Italian Gelato Master



From our ever popular Moroccan Chicken Panini to our vegetarian options we will leave you satisfied

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